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The laws that address distracted driving in California

At times, it may feel like there are no rules or laws regarding cellphone use while driving out on the road. It feels like you can see someone with a cellphone out at every intersection you arrive at. It also feels like every day you can see a shaky driver on the freeway with their head looking down at their lap as a glow of a cellphone screen illuminates their front seat.

The topic of distracted driving is obviously a major one, and it is indeed a problem. However, there are plenty of laws that address distracted driving — not only in California, but all across the United States. Even when laws aren’t explicitly on the books in certain states, there are still negligent driving laws that can address such reckless driving habits.

Here in California, though, there are a number of laws that confront the issue of distracted driving. There is a law for bus drivers that bans all cellphone use (including hands free devices); there is a law for novice drivers that also bans any cellphone use; there is a texting ban for all drivers; and there is a ban on handheld cellphone use for all drivers.

Even with all of these laws, there are still people out there who will ignore them and choose to recklessly drive with a cellphone screen absorbing their attention. When these drivers cause accidents, a lawsuit could be in the cards. Injured victims in a distracted driving accidents should consult with a personal injury attorney.

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