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Accident heavily damages one of Google’s self-driving cars

Though it feels like self-driving vehicles have been in development forever, these vehicles have only really been explored over the last decade or so. Google is at the forefront of this self-driving vehicle movement, with many cars out on the roads right now in California. Many people are upset at the notion that a non-human-controlled vehicle could be out on the road, but these autonomous vehicles have performed really well so far.

Now, there have certainly been accidents here and there. But in most cases, these wrecks are not the fault of the self-driving car — they are the fault of another driver.

This appears to be the case in one of the worst accidents to date for Google’s self-driving vehicles. The wreck occurred in Mountain View, California as one of the self-driving cars was passing through an intersection. Apparently a truck in cross-traffic ran a red light and t-boned the self-driving cars. Images in the source article show a damaged door panel and broken windows on the self-driving car.

Google later commented on the crash, releasing a statement that alluded to the immense number of car accidents that occur as a result of red-light running, and how self-driving cars aim to fix this problem — as well as many others created by human drivers, who will always be prone to making mistakes.

It’s an interesting story, illustrating the problems with road safety currently while also highlighting the logistical issues we will have going forward with self-driving cars on the road.

Source: 9to5Google, “Google’s self-driving car was today in what appears to be its worst accident yet,” Stephen Hall, Sept. 23, 2016