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Vehicle Collision in Tulare County at Avenue 184 and Road 192, near Plainview

August 11, 2016- An automobile accident happened south of Plainview, on Thursday.  The Tulare County car collision took place on Road 192 and Avenue 184, at approximately 5:50 AM.

Arthur Demerath, 20, of Strathmore, was driving a vehicle eastbound on Avenue 184.  The driver yielded at the posted stop sign, at the intersection of Road 192, but then drove out into the path of another car.

Martha Ryena, of Woodlake was driving her vehicle on Road 192 when Demerath pulled out in front of her.  The two cars collided.

Demerath, and two passengers in Ryena’s vehicle suffered injuries.

Please call us to begin a claim arising from this accident. We are located just miles away in Visalia. We need to investigate available insurances, assets, and possible roadway defects. Attorney John Rozier, 559-713-0159 or contact us on the web.