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Kings County Bicycle Accident Ends Fatally on Highway 41, in Kettleman City

Central California Wrongful Death Attorney John Rozier has the following accident report; On Thursday, June 30, 2016, a bicycle accident ended in fatality, in Kettleman City.  The Kings County automobile crash occurred on State Route 41, at approximately 6 AM.

The bicyclist, Juan Manuel Rodarte, 53, was traveling on the side of Highway 41, headed northbound.

At that time, Omar Hildago was driving his vehicle and made a right turn, driving onto the side of the highway, and into the gravel shoulder.  The car struck the bike, and Rodarte was thrown off.

The victim died at the scene of the collision.

Hildago was not hurt in the incident.

The Law Firm of Nelson and Rozier is currently handling a similar case arising from August 23, 2013, when a Fresno police car ran over a man on a bicycle named Angel Toscano.

In that case we were able to download the event data recorder from the police cruiser to determine pre-accident speed and acceleration of the car.

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