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DUI Car Crash Ends in Fatality on Highway 99, near Bear Mountain Boulevard, in Bakersfield

July 20, 2016- A fatal drunk driving traffic collision took place in Bakersfield, on Wednesday.  The Kern County vehicle accident occurred on Highway 99, at Highway 223, at around 10:00 PM.

John Emmett Wheeler, 28, was driving a red compact automobile on State Route 99.  The CHP attempted to pull him over on suspicion for driving while under the influence.  Wheeler led officers on a chase down the freeway at a high rate of speed.


Just south of Bear Mountain Boulevard, the car smashed into a parked vehicle that was on the shoulder of the highway.  The parked car overturned onto its side, after Wheeler’s vehicle hit it.

The suspect died at the scene of the crash.

A woman and two children, who were in the parked automobile, sustained minor injuries.  They were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

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