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Motorcycle Collision Ends in Fatality, in Tulare County, on Avenue 146, near Success Lake

On Monday, June 20, 2016, a motorcycle accident ended fatally for one man, in Tulare County.  The vehicle collision occurred at Success Lake, near Porterville, at about 3:25 PM.

A 62 year old male was riding his motorcycle at about 40 mph, traveling north on Avenue 146.  The motorcyclist entered a left curve around the west side of the lake, lost control and crashed into a guard rail


The biker died at the scene of the accident.  He is reported to have been wearing a helmet.

Investigation is needed to determine whether the vehicle malfunctioned, whether road conditions may have contributed to the accident.  Please call Attorney John Rozier of Visalia, so we can investigate for you.  Reach him at 559-713-0159, or contact online.