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Pedestrian Saved From Drowning After Car Accident, on Barstow, in Clovis

On Friday, January 18, 2016, a pedestrian was saved by a witness, after being hit by a car, in Clovis.  The Fresno County automobile collision happened on Barstow Avenue, during the afternoon hours.

A vehicle was driving on Barstow Ave., near Sunnyside Avenue, when the driver lost control.  The auto swerved onto the sidewalk, smashed into a fire hydrant, and mailboxes, then hit a man.


The pedestrian, upon being struck by the car, was lying unconscious, with water from the hydrant starting to pool around him.  A Good Samaritan, who had witnessed the crash, pulled the man up from the water, and saved him from drowning.

Authorities reported that they don’t know at this time why the driver lost control.  The incident is under investigation.

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