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6-Car Collision in Kings County, on Highway 198 and 6th Avenue, Near Hanford

January 28, 2016- Foggy weather contributed to a 6-car pileup on Thursday, near Hanford.  The Kings County multi-vehicle crash occurred at Highway 198 and 6th Avenue, at around 8:13 AM.

The California Highway Patrol reported that dense fog was to blame for the crash, that involved at least six vehicles, on 6th Avenue and Hwy 198.

A few people were injured.  Two of them were taken by ambulance to Adventist Medical Center, for treatment.

The police report of this accident will be probably be ready in a week or two. If you would like us to start investigating this accident–please call. We can come to you. Contact us online, or give me a call at 559-713-0159. Attorney John Rozier of Visalia.