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Motorcycle and Truck Collision on Blackstone Avenue, in Central Fresno

September 21, 2015- A motorcycle crash occurred in central Fresno on Monday.  The pickup truck accident happened on Blackstone Avenue, at about 8:30 AM.

A motorcycle, carrying a 54 year old man and a 53 year old woman, was traveling north on Blackstone Ave.  At that time a Chevy Silverado, driven by a 42 year old male, was westbound on Cornell Avenue, headed towards a gas station.


The driver of the Chevrolet reported that it did not see the motorcyclist and entered the intersection.  The pickup truck crashed into the bike, and both riders were hurt.

The male motorcyclist suffered severe injuries and is not expected to survive.  The female motorcyclist sustained moderate to major injuries, but is expected to live.

The 42 year old pickup truck driver was not harmed.

It is reported that the motorcycle was traveling at 70 mph before the collision.

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