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Tulare County U.S. Post Office Vehicle Accident Ends in Fatality on Delta Street, in Porterville

April 3, 2015- An United States Postal Truck accident ends fatally for one little boy in Tulare County.  The vehicle collision took place in Porterville on Friday, at approximately 1:30 PM.

T.J. Trevino, 18 months old, was playing in his front yard, with his family.  It is reported that while he was in the yard, a Post Office vehicle stopped to deliver the mail, at the Delta Street home. As the mail truck started to pull away from the sidewalk, the small child darted out into the street.

The mail carrier, who is reported to not have seen the toddler, started to drive the truck and hit T.J.  Witnesses said that the child was not breathing after the collision.

An ambulance came and rushed him to Sierra View Medical Center, in Porterville.  T.J. Trevino was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital.

A Federal Tort Claim needs to be filed against the U.S. government.  Steps need to be made to ensure the rights of the family.  Please let our law firm help you.  Call Attorney Rozier at 559-713-1059, or contact him online at