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CHP Motorcycle Collision in Fresno, on Highway 41

April 3, 2015- A CHP motorcycle accident occurred in Fresno, on Friday.  The vehicle collision took place on northbound Highway 41, right before 11 AM.

The crash happened when a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer pulled over a car to give the driver a citation.

fresno highway 41 chp motorcycle crash rollover christopher kirsch

At that time a black Dodge Charger, driven by Christopher Kirsch of Sanger, drifted off the freeway near Shaw Avenue.  The Dodge lost control, overturned several times, and hit the CHP bike, then the cop who was standing by the stopped automobile.  The Charger came to rest upside down on its roof.

The police officer suffered minor injuries and was taken to Community Regional Medical Center, in Fresno.  Kirsch also sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Investigators are looking into the cause of this accident.

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