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Police Car Hit in DUI Vehicle Collision on Shaw & Fruit Avenues in Fresno

Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield Accident Lawyer John L. Rozier has the following collision report; On Sunday, March 1, 2015, a car crash leaves two police officers injured.  The automobile accident, which took place in central Fresno, occurred at about 3 AM.
Regina Garcia, who was suspected of driving while under the influence, was traveling at about 65 miles per hour.  At the intersection of Shaw and Fruit avenues, the pickup truck ran a red light and crashed into a patrol car that had two officers inside.
fresno dui accident patrol car police hurt shaw fruit avenues regina garcia
The police cruiser then collided with a light pole.  The pickup truck, upon impact, then hit a fire hydrant, which caused water to flood the intersection.  Garcia attempted to flee the scene of the crash.
Both officers sustained minor injuries and were taken to Clovis Community Hospital for treatment.  They have since been released.
Garcia was arrested for DUI and other infractions.
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