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SUV Collides with Truck After Running Red Lights, in Fresno, on First Street

December 15, 2014- An SUV collision leaves one driver seriously hurt, in northeast Fresno.  The pickup truck accident took place on Monday, at about 11:30 AM.

A male employee at Wolters Elementary School, was driving his white pickup truck, turning south from the school parking lot onto First Street.

fresno suv pickup truck crash broadsided first street

A red SUV, also driven by a man, was traveling north on First Street at about 60 mph.  The Sport Utility Vehicle, witnesses say, ran a red light at Shaw Avenue, and then one at San Jose Avenue.  The SUV then smashed into the pickup truck after running the red lights.

The impact of the collision caused the pickup truck driver to be ejected from his vehicle.

The truck driver suffered major injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.  The SUV driver was also hurt.  He is possibly facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

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