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Pedestrian Fatality in Patrol Car Accident on Santa Fe Street in Visalia

On early Saturday morning, November 1, 2014, a Visalia police officer was involved in a pedestrian collision.  The patrol car accident took place on Santa Fe Street, at about 1:30 AM, and ended in fatality.

Officer Max Navo was driving his police vehicle on Santa Fe Street in response to a call about a disturbance.  He is reported to have been going down the roadway at 30 miles per hour, when a pedestrian stepped into the street, in front of him.

The man was Rodrigo Cabral, who had reportedly been knocked down by two other men.  When he got up he walked into the road at the time the patrol car was passing by.  Officer Navo attempted to put on his brakes and swerve to the left, but did not do it in time.  The vehicle hit Cabral and injured him severely.

Cabral was taken to Kaweah Delta Medical Center, in Visalia, where he was pronounced dead just a short time later.

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