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Vehicle Accident on Kings Canyon Road and Willow Avenue, in Fresno

Visalia Elderly Maltreatment Lawyer John Rozier has the following collision update: On Tuesday, September 23, 2014, a woman’s car was nearly ripped in half in a vehicle accident in Fresno.  The car collision happened in the early morning hours, at about 3 AM.

The woman was driving a white car on Kings Canyon Road and Willow Avenue.  She was traveling at a high rate of speed, when she side-swiped another automobile and smashed into a tree.

car crash hits tree fresno accident kings canyon road willow avenue
picture courtesy of fox26

The driver suffered injuries and was taken to the local hospital.  No one was injured in the other vehicle.

Please call us to begin a claim arising from this accident.  We are located south of Fresno, in Visalia.  We need to investigate available insurances, assets, and possible roadway defects.  Attorney John Rozier,