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Northwest Fresno Car Accident on Herndon and Van Ness

Visalia Nursing Home LawyerJohn Rozier has the following accident report; On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, a car collision leaves three injured.  The vehicle crash took place in northwest Fresno, at about 12:30 AM.

The driver of a Mazda automobile was traveling in the area of Herndon Avenue and Van Ness Avenue.  The car, for an unexplained reason, lost control and hit a tree, then crashed into a brick wall.

fresno car crash herndon van ness avenue three injured tree wall
picture courtesy of abc30

There were three people in the Mazda during the accident.  One of the victims was pinned inside the vehicle, until emergency crews were able to get him out.

All three people suffered injuries in the incident.  They were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Issues still remaining to be investigated; determining whether road conditions may have contributed to this accident, and any malfunctions of the vehicle. If you would like these issues investigated further then please callAttorney John Rozier, your personal injury lawyer at 559-713-0159, or reach me online at