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Los Banos Automobile Collision on Sandy Mush Road

September 16, 2014- A car collision was reported in the Los Banos area, on Tuesday.  The automobile accident took place on Sandy Mush Road, at approximately 7:34 AM.

A vehicle collision occurred a few minutes earlier on Sandy Mush Road, and as a result traffic had slowed down.  Maria Elena Magana, of Los Banos, was traveling eastbound in a Nissan Altima, and had stopped at the scene of the initial accident.

Audrey Maria Ventura, of Los Banos, was driving a silver Mitsubishi Galant east on Sandy Mush Road, approaching the Nissan Altima, at an unknown rate of speed.

Ventura failed to stop for the stalled traffic, and smashed into the back of Magana’s vehicle.

Magana sustained minor injuries, but refused to be treated.  Ventura was reported to have no injuries.

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