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Lindsay Vehicle Accident After a Police Car Chase in Tulare County

Visalia Senior Citizen Abuse Attorney John L. Rozier has the following crash report; On Sunday, September 7, 2014, a car chase leads to vehicle collision, in Tulare County.  The automobile accident happened in Lindsay, at about 9:20 PM.

The California Highway Patrol reported that Miguel Villalpando was suspected of driving under the influence and tried to evade police by driving without the car’s lights on.  As he was traveling on Highway 65, in his 2003 Honda Accord, he slammed into the back of a Ford Expedition.

The Expedition, which was driven by Christina Zaragola, of Strathmore, was stopped at the stop light at the intersection of the highway and Hermosa Avenue.

Villalpando, and his passengers, Jesus Perez, and Erik Medina, sustained minor to moderate injuries.  Zaragola suffered minor injuries in the collision.

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