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Interstate 5 Van Accident in Kern County Ends in Fatality

Visalia Nursing Home LawyerJohn Rozier has the following collision report; On Sunday night, August 10, 2014, a child was killed in a vehicle accident on I-5.  The Kern County crash took place near Bakersfield.

The CHP reported that a van was driving on Interstate 5, when a tire blew.  The van’s driver slammed on the brakes and then lost control.  The vehicle hit the center divider and overturned several times.

Six people were in the van, and two of them, including a 9 year old boy, are said to have not been wearing seat belts.  Several of the victims were ejected from the vehicle.

The 9 year old died at the scene of the accident.  And four others sustained minor to moderate injuries.

Please give us a call, if you are a relative or are in touch with the family, and would like us to investigate this accident further. We are located in Visalia, on Caldwell Ave. Attorney John Rozier 559-713-0159 or online at