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SUV Crash in Fresno, Car Runs Into AAA Office

Visalia Nursing Home Lawyer John L. Rozier has the following accident report; on Monday, July 21, 2014, a vehicle collision leaves a AAA office with major damage, and several people injured.  The SUV accident took place in northwest Fresno, at about 12:30 PM.

The crash happened near Shaw Avenue and Forkner Avenue.  A 66 year old woman was in the front entrance parking lot of a AAA office, in her silver, Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle.

AAA office fresno suv crash car hits building collision shaw avenue

It is reported that the driver of the Lexus hit the gas instead of the brakes.  The vehicle ran up the over the parking block, through the front glass window and doors of the building, and into several desks and chairs.  The SUV finally stopped when it hit a pole in the middle of the office.

Seven people in the building were hurt, with injuries ranging from minor to moderate.  One woman suffered a broken leg.  The driver of the Lexus was also hurt, but was expected to be alright.

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