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Interstate 5 Semi Truck Collision in Kern County on The Grapevine

July 8, 2014- Two big rigs were involved in a vehicle accident on I-5 over the Grapevine, Tuesday night.  The collision caused traffic on the freeway to come to a halt, near Lebec, at about 7 PM.

The CHP reported that the two semi trucks collided on northbound Interstate 5.  The crash caused one of the tractor-trailers to flip over and spilled its cargo all over the highway.

Interstate 5 highway two semi trucks crash lebec kern county freeway

No other information is known at this time.

Issues still remaining to be investigated include determining the speed of the big rigs, whether road conditions may have contributed to this accident, and whether there might have been some malfunctions in the vehicles.  If you would like these issues investigated further then please call Attorney John Rozier, your lawyer for car accidents, personal injuries, and elder abuse, at 559-713-0159 or reach us at