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Interstate 5 Highway Semi Truck Accident near Bakersfield

July 14, 2014- Two semi trucks crash in a vehicle collision on I-5, in Kern County.  The big rig accident occurred on Monday night, near Bakersfield.

Jose Iraheta, of Lancaster, was driving a semi truck on the northbound Interstate 5 freeway, near Highway 58.  Iraheta failed to see another tractor-trailer, driven by Carlos Ayala, that had just merged onto the highway.  The Lancaster man’s truck smashed into the back of the slower moving big rig, and both trucks went off the shoulder of the road and into a field.

Jose Iraheta sustained serious injuries.  He was airlifted to Kern Medical Center, in Bakersfield.  Carlos Ayala was not hurt in the crash.

Issues still remaining to be investigated include determining the speed of the big rigs, whether road conditions may have contributed to this accident, and whether the facts of this accident as reported are accurate.  If you would like these issues investigated further then please call Attorney John Rozier, your personal injury, and elder abuse lawyer, at 559-713-0159 or reach us at