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School Bus and Truck Collision in Fresno County on Kearney Boulevard

June 9, 2014- A school bus collision leaves students with minor injuries, in Fresno County.  The vehicle accident occurred west of Fresno, on Monday, at approximately 2 PM.

The Central Unified School District bus was drving westbound on Kearney Boulevard.  A pickup truck travelling north on Cornelia Avenue, pulled out in front of the bus as it entered the intersection of Kearney and Cornelia.  The truck and school bus collided, leaving the front of the bus with heavy damage.

fresno central unified school bus crash pickup truck kearney cornelia avenue

It is reported that the truck driver thought there were stop signs at all four corners of the intersection.

Twenty students were riding the bus at the time of the crash.  Six of the students suffered minor injuries and were taken to local hospitals for treatment.  No other injuries were reported.

The police report of this accident will be probably be ready in a week ortwo.  If you would like us to start investigating this accident–please call.  We can come to you. or give me a call at 559-713-0159.  Attorney John Rozier of Visalia.