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Big Rig Accident on Highway 58 in Kern County

May 14, 2014- A semi truck caught fire in a vehicle accident that took place on Highway 58.  The incident occurred on Wednesday, at about 11 PM, in Bakersfield.

The big rig, which was hauling produce, was driving eastbound on Highway 58, near Bena Road.  The driver, Bob Comaduran, noticed smoke coming from the semi trucks engine while driving on the freeway.  Comaduran slowed down, and he and his son, who was a passenger, jumped out, before the hauler completely erupted into flames.

bakersfield big rig collision truck fire bob comaduran highway 58

The semi truck burned until it was beyond recognizable. 
The driver and his son sustained only minor injuries.  No other vehicles were involved in the crash.
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