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Three Vehicle Collision on Highway 198 and Road 204

April 15, 2014- An three-vehicle car accident on Highway 198 in Tulare County, occurred on Tuesday.  The collision took place at approximately 7 AM.

A driver was driving his vehicle westbound on Highway 198, from the Three Rivers area, near Road 204.  It was reported he reached down for the cell phone he had dropped.  That caused him to take his eyes off the road, and his car drifted into the oncoming eastbound traffic on the highway.

Tulare County Highway 198 steve judd ernie remillard car accident collision

The car hit a Chevy Avalanche SUV truck, driven by Ernie Remillard.  Remillard’s SUV overturned and he was trapped inside until a witness to the accident, came and rescued him.  A white Chevrolet truck, driven by Steve Judd, was also involved in the collision.

No reports on whether anyone was hurt in the accident.

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