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Vehicle Crashes into Bear Creek in Merced, One Fatality

March 1, 2014- A car crash leaves a Merced man dead after crashing into Bear Creek, on Saturday.  The accident occurred at about 4:49 AM.

Daniel Rubalcava, 36 years old, was driving east in a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 truck, in North Bear Creek Drive, near West 25th Street.  It is reported that at the time of the accident the roads were wet from rain.

The pickup left the road after Rubalcava somehow lost control of the vehicle.  The GMC flipped and landed on its roof in the creek bed.

The police said they found the driver unresponsive in the truck’s cab.  They believe that Rubalcava was probably driving home from work at the time of the collision.

Two witnesses on bike’s saw the crash happen and called the police department.

Investigators report that speed, as well as the wet roadways, might have played a role in the accident as well.  There is an ongoing investigation, to find out exactly what happened.

Please call if you would like us to investigate this accident. The event data recorders with the airbag modules may have recorded the vehicle’s speed. And we can look into any sort of malfunction that might have occurred. Our firm is located in Visalia on Caldwell Ave., south of Merced.Attorney John Rozier. 559-713-0159 or contact us online