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Car Crashes into Chinese Restaurant in Clovis

March 5, 2014- Another car accident involving an automobile crashing though a place of business.  This time in Clovis, California, on Wednesday between 12:30-12:40 PM.

The driver of a grey Dodge Neon, was trying to park his car at the China to Go restaurant, on the intersection of Fowler Avenue and Ashlan Avenue, in Clovis.  He accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, and drove the Dodge through the entrance of the restaurant.  It shattered the glass store front, and the adjacent storefront’s glass as well.


There were several people eating lunch inside the restaurant, but only one person is reported to have been injured.

The driver of the gray Neon was taken by ambulance to Clovis Community Hospital, for treatment and observation.

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