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Visalia Officer Involved in Car Accident on Conyer Street

February 25, 2014- A crash happening early Tuesday morning occurred in Visalia, California.

The accident involved a detective for the Visalia Police Department.  The cop was driving south on Conyer Street towards police headquarters, when a Chevy Cavalier came out of an alley and rammed into the back of the officer’s unmarked patrol car.


The patrol vehicle had only minor damage to the bumper.  The woman driver’s vehicle received greater damage. Its bumper was torn off, and it had a buckled hood.  The Chevy had to be towed away.

No reports on any injuries at this time.

If you need legal counseling or representation for this accident, please give me a call. Attorney John Rozier, of Visalia,just miles from the scene of the collision. Our my office is located on Caldwell Avenue. 559-713-0159