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Man Hurt in Reedley After 100 mph Car Crash

February 21, 2014- On Friday one man was injured after the car he was driving crashed through three yards.  The accident occurred in Reedley, California at about 12:30 AM.

Officers reported that the vehicle was going about 100 miles per hour, on Frankwood Avenue.  At the cross streets of Frankwood and Aspen, the driver hit a light pole, then took out the fence from a nearby yard.  The car then proceeded to drive through another front yard, and hit a truck parked there, and pushed it into the house.


After colliding with the pick-up, the car rolled once it went through the third yard.

The fire department had to use the jaws of life to free the man from his vehicle.  He was taken to a local hospital.

The crash is under investigation.  The police are trying to determine if the driver was impaired in some way.

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