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Two Modesto Men Die on Highway 4 in Crash With a Big Rig

December 1, 2011- Two men from Modesto died in an accident Thursday, on Highway 4, northwest of Fresno. The accident occurred shortly after 12 PM.

Matthew Richard Burkett, and his passenger, Walter Alexander White, were in a 2006 Chevy pickup truck, headed east on Highway 4, east of Discovery Bay.

A Waterford man, driving a semi truck with two trailers full of dirt, was also headed east on the highway. He prepared to make a left turn into a private driveway. The big rig was being followed by a few other rigs with trailers.

Burkett noticed the slower traffic ahead and moved the Chevy into the oncoming lane to pass all the big rigs, right when the first big rig began to turn left into the driveway.

Burkett tried to stop before hitting the semi truck, but was not able to in time. The impact of the crash pushed both vehicles off the road and into an irrigation canal.

The semi truck came to rest on its left side, but the driver was able to get out of the vehicle.

The Chevy flipped over and came to rest on its roof, under the water in the canal.

Burkett and White were not able to get out of the truck, and died at the scene of the collision.

The big rig driver was not injured.

The CHP report that drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the accident. The incident is still being investigated.

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