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Fatality in a Crash on Grangeville Blvd near Lemoore

December 13, 2011- A two vehicle accident ends in fatality, near Lemoore, just minutes from Visalia, on Tuesday, at about 6:50 AM.

Jorge Martinez, of Hanford, was driving a 1994 Ford Thunderbird, westbound on Grangeville Boulevard, near the intersection of 15th Avenue and Grangeville.

A 2003 Jeep Cherokee traveling east on Grangeville Blvd., at about 50-55 mph, drifted into the westbound lane and slammed into the Thunderbird.

After the impact of the crash, the Thunderbird rolled into a nearby field.

Martinez was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.

The driver of the Cherokee was taken to Adventist Medical Center in Hanford, were she was treated for minor injuries.

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