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Big Rig Hits Parked Cars After Driver Has Heart Attack

December 9, 2011- A man driving a semi truck hit five parked vehicles after having a heart attack, on Friday, near Madera, north of Fresno. The crash occurred at about 10:30 PM.

Jimmy Brewer of Madera, was towing two double trailers behind his rig at about 10 mph, on the private property at Road 27 1/2, south of Avenue 12. He went into cardiac arrest and slumped over the steering wheel.

The big rig slammed into five parked, vehicles, that were unoccupied, and stopped against one of the cars.

A co-worker was the one to find Brewer in his semi truck, unconscious. Brewer was taken to Madera Community Hospital. It is reported that he was in critical, but stable condition.