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Update: Train Hits Car on Arboleda Drive in Merced

October 13, 2011- An update to the crash that happened on Thursday on Arboleda Drive near Highway 140, north of Fresno.

The crash that involved the driver of a BMW getting hit by a train after it got stuck on the railroad tracks, has now been identified as Angie Machado of Chowchilla.

New reports say that Machado got stuck on the train tracks as several cars tried to make their way around another crash that just happened minutes earlier.

Paramedics treated several patients for minor injuries in that other accident, as authorities started directing traffic. Machado says that she was being waved across the tracks when the train came into view.

She said as soon as she got off the railroad tracks, the officer put his hand out and stopped the traffic. The crossing arms started coming down and there was a car in front of her BMW, so she could only go backwards.

The guard rail came down on top of her car, trapping her in place. She was far enough back that the train collided with the front end of the vehicle.

Machado was not seriously injured and was able to walk away from the crash.

This accident requires much more investigation. Please let me help. Attorney John Rozier in Visalia 559-713-0159.