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Update: Stolen Car Crashes into Apartment in Visalia

October 25, 2011- An update to the crash that slammed a car into an apartment building in Visalia, on Tuesday.

The stolen Honda Accord suspect, that the police were pursing, has been identified at 19 year-old Alex Requejo. As Requejo tried to evade the police while driving west Caldwell Avenue, he tried to turn from Caldwell onto Court. He lost control, plowing through a traffic sign, some large rocks, and into the apartments.

It is reported that a paraplegic woman lives in the apartment that Requejo crashed into. She is normally in bed by 10:30 PM, when the accident happened. But at the time she had just finished taking a bath, when the car slammed through her bedroom wall. She was unharmed.

Requejo is facing several charges, including driving a stolen vehicle and evading police.

It is unknown when the woman’s apartment will be fixed and ready for her to move back into.

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