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Driver Hits Power Pole and is Stuck in Car Over an Hour

August 26, 2011- A man crashed into a power pole northeast of Pixley, about 35 minutes from Visalia, on Friday evening. The driver was trapped in his car, for over an hour, because of downed electrical lines, until the electricity could be turned off.

The crash was reported at 6:51 PM, to the Highway Patrol. The CHP has reported that the driver of a Hyundai sedan slammed into a power pole along Avenue 88, east of Road 140. He hit the pole with enough force to shear the pole in two.

The vehicle came to a stop at the edge of a corn field, with the live power lines on the ground around it. Reportedly the driver was unconscious when emergency personnel first arrived, but then regained consciousness a little while later.

Officers said that the driver was the only person involved in the accident. He was not endangered by the power lines, but firefighters couldn’t get near the car, until the power lines were turned off, due to the threat of electrocution.

The driver and fire crew had to wait about an hour before a utility crew arrived and cut power to the lines. After that the man, in the car, was airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, with moderate injuries.

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