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Update on Big Rig Crash on Hwy 99

August 23, 2011- Updated information about the big rig crash on Highway 99, in south Modesto. The driver of the semi truck, is Roger Goreham of Strathmore. The malfunction of his vehicle was caused by a blown tire, which caused him to loose control.

Goreham suffered minor burns and cuts from the crash. His passenger Rodney Goreham, of Manteca, suffered, many broken bones and severe burns.

The driver of the Toyota minivan, that Goreham hit after loosing control of his truck, was Kwai Kwan of San Francisco.

The overpass pillar that the truck collided with caused the fuel tank to rupture, and the fire to start. Goreham kicked out the driver’s side window, so that he and his passenger were able to escape just before the fire erupted into the cab.

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