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Police Officer in Bakersfield Strikes Cyclist Causing Fatality

August 26, 2011- A Bakersfield police officer hit and killed a bicyclist Friday afternoon at about 12:45 PM.

Officer Peter Beagley was driving in an unmarked police vehicle, and collided with bicyclist Samuel Dohn Boyd, of Bakersfield, in the 200 block of H street. Beagley was driving north on H Street, and Boyd was riding north, as well, along the east curb line.

As they traveled north, Boyd suddenly turned left and tried to ride west across H street, moving directly in the path of Officer Beagley’s vehicle. Beagley was unable to stop in time and struck Boyd.


Boyd was taken to Kern Medical Center, where he died.

The accident is being investigated by Bakersfield Police Department’s traffic division. Beagley, who has worked for the department for 6 years, has returned to duty.

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