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Highway 41 in Fresno County takes one more life

July 6, 2011–The third person killed in less than a week on Highway 41 in California was identified as 35 year old John Walker of Lemoore.  Two other Lemoore residents were also killed on Highway 41 just one week earlier at the intersection of Highway 41 and Floral Avenue near Selma in Fresno County.  Lance Corporal Benjamin Brittingham and Aviation Ordinance man 3rd Class Grant Rollet died on July 1, 2011.

That first accident is still being investigated.  From this author’s viewpoint it probably involved an eastbound vehicle trying to cross the wide median at this location in one large movement as a second stop sign is not located in the median as arguably it should be.  If so, then this accident mirrors the accident in Gary vs. Cal Trans set to go to trial later this year.  The Gary family lost their 9 year old daughter in that accident which also took place at Floral and Highway 41.  We are very much interested in investigating the relationship, if any between these two accidents.  Please give us a call.  Attorney John Rozier,  559-713-1059.  I am located in Visalia, California, just 20 miles from the scene of these accidents.

The family of John Walker is also invited to call if you would like our engineer to go out and take a look.