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March 6 Strathmore head-on collision

On March 6 there was an accident on Road 224 near Avenue 176 near Strathmore in Tulare County. The accident seriously injured one person and moderately injured two others. According to reports Antonio Pezzi and Megan Wiechmann of Sacramento were driving north on Road 224 when Pezzi saw an animal in the road. He then swerved right to avoid hitting the animal and swerved back onto the road and into the southbound lane. Then the vehicle Pezzi was driving hit a Honda driven by Abdur Razaq of Porterville. Razaq was taken to Community Regional Medical Center where he was treated for major injuries. Ghulum Mustafa was a passenger in Razaq’s vehicle. Mustafa and Pezzi both suffered moderate injuries. Wiechmann escaped uninjured.