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Crash with orange truck in Lindsay kills one

February 11, 2011–Yesterday’s motor vehicle accident in Lindsay occurred at about 1pm.  A big rig carrying 80,000 lbs. of oranges collided with a VW Passat whose driver died in the crash.  The car is alleged to have pulled out in front of the rig.  Two passengers were seriously injured with one of them being airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Fresno.

The oranges were being hauled by Protacio, 39, of Porterville.  The accident was at Road 196 and Avenue 224 in Lindsay in Tulare County.

This accident raises a multitude of questions.  The speed of the orange truck is the first consideration, visibility of oncoming traffic is another.  The truck should have an air bag event data recorder or black box which will allow a download of computer data as to pre-impact speed, etc.  This information must be retrieved before repair are made or vehicle’s are destroyed. 

Accident data for other crashes at this same location can be retrieved to look for dangerous patterns.

Our offices in Visalia are currently litigating an action against Juarez Brothers Trucking in Bakersfield where the truck turned across a highway in thick fog.  We have also successfully sued over blocked stop signs near Woodlake with another action pending over an orchard which blocked the view of an oncoming car near Sanger.  Please give us a call if you would like an engineer to take a look.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159.