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January 8 dog bite incident in Kern County

On January 8 three-year-old Naveah Sherrell was bitten by a dog while playing in her aunt’s front yard on Mount View Avenue in Taft. Reportedly Naveah was playing with two other children in the fenced-in yard when the dog, who had escaped from his yard, came up to the fence. The children were feeding the dog bread. then the other children came inside to report that Naveah had been bitten. Her aunt, Katrina Phillips, rushed outside and saw Naveah’s face bleeding and reported that she “could see her bones and flesh.” Naveah was taken to urgent care for medical attention then taken via ambulance to Kern Medical Center. The dog, described as a 160-pound English Mastiff named Daytona. Daytona did not have a prior record of aggressive behavior and was placed on quarantine for 10 days.