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January 17 wrongful death big rig accident in Fresno

On January 17 Dr. Robb Smith was killed in a wrongful death accident involving a big rig at Temperance and North Avenues in Fresno. Reportedly Smith was driving south on Temperance approaching the stop sign intersection at North Avenue. Meanwhile Fidel Solano was driving west on North Avenue approaching Temperance. Solano had the right of way at the intersection when Smith slammed into the side of the big rig. Smith died at the scene of the accident.

We are currently suing the County of Fresno over a blocked stop sign just outside of Sanger.  Please give us a call to investigate all issues surrounding this accident including the visibility of the stop sign, the speed of the big rig as determined by its air bag black box recorder, etc.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159  /