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December 7 Fresno County fog-related accident

On the morning of December 7 there was an accident related to the fog that involved a big rig and three other vehicles in Fresno County. According to reports the big rig was westbound on Manning Avenue when it stopped at McMullen Grade. The big rig then continued into the intersection. At the same time a van that was traveling north on McMullen Grade and hit the big rig. Later another northbound car came out of the fog on McMullen and hit the big rig.  Finally a third vehicle which was southbound hit the big rig. Due to fog, visibility in the area was around 200 feet. The vehicles involved in the accident were most likely traveling a speed that was not appropriate for the weather conditions.  One person was hospitalized with moderate injuries as a result of this accident.
This law firm would like to remind all drivers to take the necessary precautions when driving in foggy weather. Always travel at a speed in which you can stop your vehicle within your range of visibility if necessary. This will prevent pileup accidents from occurring. Also, drive with the windows down in order to hear any accidents that may have happened ahead of you on the roadway.