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November 2010 Archives

November 24 fatal accident in Merced

On November 24 nine-year-old Daniel Saucedo was killed in a wrongful death accident on Yosemite Avenue in Merced. According to reports Nicholas Saucedo was driving east on Yosemite Avenue when for unknown reasons he swerved into the westbound lanes. Saucedo’s Nissan Altima then hit a Toyota Camry driven by Elaine Callis. The impact of the crash caused the Nissan to hit a tree and then a wall.  Nicholas Saucedo and his 16-year-old passenger were both taken via air to a hospital in Modesto. Callis was taken in an ambulance to a local hospital. Daniel Saucedo was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the Nissan. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

November 24 wrongful death hit and run accident in Fresno

On November 24 Fowler resident Lorri Lasotovitch was killed in a fatal accident near Clovis Avenue and South Avenue in Fresno. According to reports Jacob Ward was traveling east on South Avenue when he ran a stop sign.  Then he hit a Firebird and he also hit a Kia. Ward initially fled the scene of the accident. Later  he turned himself into  the authorities. Lasotovitch was riding as a passenger in the Firebird. It was reported that she was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. She died at the hospital. The three passengers in the Kia escaped the accident uninjured.

November 29 accident on I-5 near Highway 152

On November 29 there was a collision on I-5 involving a pickup truck and a car. According to reports the accident happened near Highway 152. Initial reports said that six people  were injured with two of them having been pinned in the vehicle. No further information is available at this time.Contact Visalia personal injury attorney 559-713-0159.

Madera County head-on collision

November 22, 2010--Last Monday an accident in Madera County critically injured 2 and seriously hurt another.  19 year old Honorio Tecpile is accused of crossing the center line on Highway 145 on a curve near Road 33. He reportedly was unlicensed and gave a false identity at the scene.Issues to investigate include negligent entrustment of the vehicle, vehicle speeds and the availability of uninsured motorist coverage.  Please give us a call.  /

Thanksgiving Fog rolls in for Central Valley

November 24, 2010--Just in time for Thanksgiving, fog is expected to roll in throughout California's Central Valley.  Driving conditions will be hazardous from Fresno to Bakersfield and beyond with chains required in the mountain areas.  Please drive slowly.

Range Rover causes two accidents in Fresno

November 20, 2010--A man driving a Range Rover hit a vehicle at Clinton and Clovis today--he apparently had been drinking and fled the scene.  He then hit a second car at Fowler Avenue in east Fresno.  At least one victim is in the hospital.The police report of this accident will be probably be ready in a week or two.  If you would like us to start investigating this accident--please call.  We can come to you./

Highway 99 accident in Tulare County

November 20, 2010--This morning at 9:33am there was a crash between a big rig and an SUV in Tulare County at Highway 99 and Avenue 304 near Visalia.  An ambulance responded.  The police report will not likely be ready for a week or two.  In the meantime, please call if you would like us to investigate the vehicle speeds.  /  (Visalia personal injury attorney)

November 16 Merced accident injures five

On November 16 there was a single-vehicle accident in Merced that injured five people. Reportedly the truck was westbound on Olive Avenue near Bedford Drive when it veered off of the right side of the road. The right side of the front of the truck hit a tree. Phillip Lopez was a passenger in that vehicle and he suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident. The driver along with three other passengers were taken to Mercy Medical Center with minor injuries. Alcohol was not a factor in the accident, but prescription drugs may have been. The investigation is still ongoing.

November 17 train accident in Oakdale

On November 17 there was an accident involving a train and a car in Oakdale. Reportedly the vehicle was eastbound on J Street near Yosemite Avenue when it was hit by the southbound train. Only minor injuries were reported as a result of the accident. No further details are available at this time.

November 17 Tulare County wrongful death accident neat Cutler/Orosi

On November 17 Julio Olarte was killed in a wrongful death accident on Road 144 in Tulare County near Cutler/Orosi. Reportedly Olarte was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Erik Estrada. Estrada was driving northbound on Road 144 near Avenue 412 when he drifted off the east edge of the road. Estrada then over corrected the vehicle and smashed into a utility pole. Olarte was killed on impact. Two other passengers along with the driver suffered minor injuries. Estrada was arrested on suspected dui.Please give us a call.  559-713-0159.  We are located just 10 miles from the scene of this accident.

Crash in Lindsay kills one

November 17, 2010--Yesterday's crash on Highway 65 at Avenue 208 in Lindsay claimed the life of Nicanor Marroquin, age 39 of Porterville.  He was driving a Dodge Neon.  The other vehicle was a Ford Ranger driven by Joseph Edwards, age 31 of Visalia.  A full investigation will determine each vehicle speed to help in determining fault.  Please call us to get started.  /

Pedestrian accident on Cedar in Fresno kills one

November 17, 2010--A southbound vehicle on Cedar Avenue in Fresno struck a pestrian resulting in her death just south of McKinley.  The incident occurred at about 5pm.  The victim was identified as 57 year old Maria Benitez.A full accident reconstruction by our experts can probably determine the speed of the vehicle.  If excess speed was involved then the family of the deceased may have a claim.  Please give us a call.  Attorney John Rozier 559-713-1059.  We are located 40 miles south in Fresno and we will come to you.  /

Highway 41 accident injures Jim Gagliardi

November 16, 2010--Last night a two car crash on Highway 41 in Madera County severely injured 71 year old Jim Gagliardi, a partner in a landmark Fresno business called National Hardware.  Maxwell Gross, age 18, was northbound on Highway 41 and turned into the path of Mr. Gagliardi's southbound GMC vehicle.  Mr. Gross was driving a Jeep.Possible sources of recovery include vehicle insurance on Mr. Gross's Jeep and uninsured motorist coverage for Mr. Gagliardi.  /

Highway 65 accident in Tulare County

November 17, 2010--A two vehicle accident was reported at 4:15 this afternoon in Tulare County.  Both vehicles rolled and one party was ejected.  The crash was at State Route 65 and Avenue 208.  The names of the partes have not yet been released.Our offices are located just 15 miles from the scene of this accident.  Please call us if you would like us to investigate further.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159.  /

November 12 pedestrian accident in Hanford

On November 12 Jimmie R. Wyatt was killed after being hit by a car in Hanford. Reportedly Wyatt was crossing 11th Avenue near Neville Street when he was hit by a car. The car was driven by Carla Ayala, who has now been reported to have been high at the time of the accident. Wyatt was taken to Hanford Community Hospital where he died.Usually in cases such as this an accident reconstruction expert can determine the speed of the vehicle to see if fault is shared for the accident.  We are located just 20 miles from the scene of this accident--please call us if you would like us to get started.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-1059.  /

November 16 wrongful death accident in Fresno

On November 16 Julio Hernandez-Montecinos was killed in a wrongful death accident at Cedar and American Avenues in Fresno. Reportedly he drove his Honda Civic into the path of a semi truck. He was driving east on American Avenue when he was hit by a truck traveling north on Cedar. The semi truck rolled once as a result of the accident. The truck driver was taken to Community Regional Medical Center where he was treated for moderate to major injuries. A portion of Cedar Avenue was closed for a period of time after the accident.If we find that the big rig was speeding, then the family of the decedent may have a right to claim wrongful death damages.  Please give us a call.  We are located just 40 miles to the south and we will come to you.  /

November 16 Highway 41 accident in Fresno

On November 16 there was an accident on Highway 41 in Fresno. The accident happened near Herndon Avenue. One lane was closed for a time due to the accident. No further details are available at this time.

Highway 46 accident in Kern County

November 16, 2010--This afternoon there was a three vehicle collision involving 2 big rigs and an SUV at Highway 46 and the California aquaduct.  The roadway was cleared within a couple of hours.  The early report from the CHP does not mention whether any injuries resulted.If you were injured in this accident and would like it investigated, please give us a call.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159.  /

Merced child struck by car

November 15, 2010--Yesterday evening a 7 year old Merced boy darted out in the road to chase a Soccer ball and was struck by a 1997 Mustang driven by a 20 year old Merced man.  The boy was airlifted to a hospital and seems to be suffering from a broken arm and should fully recover.  The accident occurred near Hoover Middle School in Merced.If you would like us to investigate the speed of the car and other issues related to this accident,  then please give us a call.  Attorney John Rozier 559-713-0159. 

Car crash at Highway 41 and Herndon in Fresno

November 16, 2010--There was a motor vehicle accident this morning on northbound Highway 41 near Herndon in Fresno.  One lane was closed beginning at 10:30 am.  If you were involved in this accident and would like it investigated, please give us a call.  /

Bakersfield pedestrian killed by truck

November 14, 2010--a 55 year old Bakersfield pedestrian was struck and killed by a truck yesterday evening at 5:30pm.  He has been identified as Gary Macomber.  The accident occurred on Unicorn just north of Orpheus Court.This is an area of offices and commercial development.  Issues to be investigated include the speed of the vehicle, whether a crosswalk was involved, whether uninsured motorist coverage may be available for the family of the decedent, whether alcohol may have been involved, etc.  It may be a week or two before the police report is prepared.  Please give us a call if you would like this matter investigated further./

Madera pedestrian killed on 4th street

November 13, 2010--Saturday night a 48 year old Madera woman named Judy Lynne Diaz was struck by a car and killed while crossing 4th Street at the Highway 99 overpass.  The driver immediately contacted the police and reported the incident.Issues to be investigated include whether the vehicle air bag module recorded the speed of the car, whether visual obstructions may have played a role, the existance of uninsured motorist coverage applicable to the pedestrian, whether a crosswalk was being used, etc.  Please call if you would like us to investigate further.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159.

Jaguar crash near Madera

November 13, 2010--Last Saturday's crash near Madera occurred when a Jaguar driven by Richard Farias was trying to pass another car at 110 miles per hour and overturned.  Marcel Rodriguez, age 38 and Deborah Lyon, age 53 both of Madera were killed in the accident and two others including the driver were injured.  The accident was on Avenue 14 near Road 21 in Madera CountyIssues to be investigated include whether the passengers consented to the high rate of speed, whether roadside conditions contributed to this accident, and whether the deceased passengers carried uninsured motorist coverage which may assist their families in making a full recovery.  Please call us to investigate further.  /

Road 152 motor vehicle accident near Visalia

November 14, 2010--Yesterday's collision at Road 152 and Highway 137 was caused when traffic backed up at a swap meet.  Barbara Flores, 33, of Porterville was driving a Nissan Altima and rearended a Honda. Two passengers in the  Nissan were transported to the Hospital in Tulare.  Please call us if you would like this accident to be investigated further.  /

Accident at Avenue 208 and State route 65

November 14, 2010--Plasido Diaz, age 46, of Strathmore failed to stop at a stop sign causing a collision with a 2006 Ford pickup driven by Jesus Jacinto, also of Strathmore.  This Tulare County accident resulted in Mr. Diaz being airlifted to Regional Community Medical Center in Fresno.  A third vehicle driven by Steven Murray was also involved.Please give us a call if you would like this accident investigated further.

Elder Abuse, Nursing Home Claims

November 13, 2010--The disabled and elderly have significant protections under Federal and state law in California.  Most notably, the California Elder Abuse Act affords the family of a mistreated patient access to enhanced remedies including recovery of attorneys fees, punitive damages, and pre-death pain and suffering, in addition to wrongful death damages where appropriate.Our recent successes involved a demented patient who escaped from a rest home due to an expired battery on his security bracelet (he walked 3 blocks, fell down a ravine and died within days); a patient sent to the doctor's office unescorted who fell and fractured her leg and then also due to poor care received a fatal infection; a woman at a mental hospital who was not properly strapped into her chair and who was found hours later strangled in her straps; and finally an infant who was delivered to her parent's home by a child care provided in a lifeless state.  The first two cases have been successfully resolved and the last two are currently pending.We can take cases anywhere within California.  Please give us a call.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159.

Fog returns to Bakersfield

November 13, 2010--According to the CHP incident webpage, thick fog returned to the Bakersfield area this morning around 4 am in the Stockdale region near Bakersfield.  According to State law, in California Truck drivers have a greater duty of care to drive safely in fog and rain than do ordinary drivers.  This concept is useful to instruct a jury on the relative responsibilities for causing an accident between a big rig and a private vehicle.  The big rig should pull over when conditions are extreme.  We are currently suing a Juarez Trucking driver for blocking cross traffic during 150 foot visibility fog west of Bakersfield at Taft Highway and Interstate 5.  An oilfield seimic testing supervisor lost his life in a fiery collision which should have been avoided.  Call us if you have been involved in a fog accident in the Central San Joaquin Valley.  Our offices are located in Visalia.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159.

Steven Hill killed in Fresno Motorcycle accident

November 13, 2010--This morning motorcyclist Steven Hill, of Fresno, pulled from a stop sign on northbound Valentine in Fresno into the path of a Chevrolet driven on Jensen Avenue by Juan Fernandez, also of Fresno.  The accident caused the death of Mr. Hill.  An accident reconstruction expert may be able to determine the speed of the car from looking at the black box data in the air bag module.  Please give us a call.  Attorney John Rozier 559-713-0159.

Visalia rollover accident at Houston and Court

November 11, 2010--Yesterday's accident at Houston and Court in Visalia involved a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder traveling eastbound on Houston and a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee northbound on Court.  The collision sent 5 people to the hospital.  Initial reports state that the accident was caused by the Nissan running a red light.Please call us if you would like this accident investigated further.  We are located 5 miles from the scene of this accident.  559-713-0159.

Fog Warning

Now that winter is coming up quickly, fog season is beginning as well. There will inevitably be many fog-related accidents this year. Tragically, most of these accidents are completely avoidable if motorists were to drive with the proper precautions. Drivers are reminded to drive at appropriate speeds depending on the weather, to keep a safe following distance between them and the vehicle ahead of them, and to drive with the windows down during especially bad fog in order to hear any traffic incidents ahead especially in rural areas where the fog can be thicker. By taking these simple precautions, all motorists can travel safely through fog season in the Central Valley.

November 9 fatal train accident in Fresno

On November 9 Damien Montenegro was killed in a deadly train accident near Clinton and College Avenues in Fresno. According to reports Montenegro was a freshman at Fresno High School. The arm crosses at that intersection were reported to have been working before Montenegro was hit by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train. Montenegro was just fifteen years old. No further information is available at this time.

November 9 Highway 99 accident in Turlock

On November 9 Harmanpreet Kaur was killed in an accident on Highway 99 in Turlock. Reportedly Kaur was driving north in the southbound lanes of Highway 99 going about 70 to 80 mph when her vehicle hit a pickup truck head-on. The truck was forced into a ditch as a result of the accident. Jeffrey Wilson, the driver of the truck, was taken to Memorial Hospital with major injuries. The passenger in his vehicle was taken to Doctors Medical Center with minor injuries. Kaur was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

November 5 Highway 99 accident near Manteca kills one

On November 5 Antonio Cuevas was killed in a 5-vehicle accident on Highway 99 near Manteca. Reportedly Cuevas was northbound on Highway 99 when he was forced to slam on the brakes of his Ford Explorer for traffic that was stopped ahead of him. The Explorer then fishtailed into the center lane and hit a Chevrolet Venture and a Dodge Charger. Then the Explorer went back toward the slow lane and was hit by a big rig. Finally the Explorer and the big rig slid into a Dodge Intrepid. All four of the other drivers suffered injuries in the accident. Cuevas was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

November 5 bicycle accident in Merced

On November 5 a bicyclist was injured after being hit by a car at 16th Street and M Street on Friday morning just after midnight. Reportedly the victim was riding east on 16th Street when the vehicle hit him while turning right onto M Street from 16th Street. The driver then fled the scene of the accident. The bicyclist was taken to Mercy Medical Center to be treated for a possible broken arm.

October 31 Highway 99 accident near Tulare/Kern County line

On October 31 one juvenile man was seriously injured in an accident on Highway 99 near the line between Tulare County and Kern County. According to reports the driver of the vehicle lost control and rolled over while traveling southbound right after 11 pm. Three juveniles in the vehicle fled the scene of the accident on foot leaving the victim behind. One, the driver, was caught. The driver and the victim were both from Delano.

November 1 Fresno canal accident

On November 1 a man was seriously injured after the vehicle he was a passenger in crashed into a canal in Fresno. According to reports the man was a passenger in an SUV driven by a man who was a wanted parolee. The SUV was southbound on Fresno Street when a police officer performed a routine traffic stop. The driver then ran a red light at the intersection of Fresno and Shields Avenue, hit a car, and went into the canal. Three of the passengers escaped from the vehicle unharmed. However, one man needed to be rescued by a diving team and the jaws of life. The victim was taken to Community Regional Medical Center and is listed in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle is awaiting charges.

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