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July 2010 Archives

Orosi child injured in crash

July 23, 2010--Yesterday morning's crash on Avenue 440 near Road 128 in Tulare County seriously injured a child who was airlifted to the hospital.  The driver of the other car was arrested for DUI.  The motor vehicle accident is still being investigated.  Please call us if you would like us to send an engineer to the scene.

Highway 99 crash Greyhound Bus

July 22, 2010--News continues to pour in over this morning's multi-vehicle accident in Fresno County.  According to a Greyhound spokesman, the bus was headed to Sacramento from Los Angeles with the next stop being in Madera.  Please review the posts on this site for further updates.

Highway 99 accident in Fresno claims 6 lives

July 22, 2010--This morning's massive accident on Highway 99 in Fresno took the lives of 6 victims including a bus driver.  According to the LA Times, few details have yet emerged.  In a case like this the CHP reports can be delayed for 6 to 12 months.  In the meantime vehicles are repaired or salvaged, skids marks dissipate and witnesses return to their daily lives.  Families of victims can protect their rights by retaining expert engineers to review physical evidence right away, downloading the event data recorders for each air bag, obtaining the face page of the CHP report within a couple of days, determining the reason for an SUV being overturned in the roadway in the first place, etc.  Roadway defects need to be eliminated as a possible contributing factor in causing this accident and finally, will perception/reaction experts support the view that the bus driver did all in his power ot prevent this tragedy? 

July 16 wrongful death in Fresno

On July 16 Catherine Smith and another person were killed in a wrongful death accident in Fresno. The accident happened at the intersection of Temperance and American Avenues in Fresno. According to reports Smith was a passenger in a Buick driven by a 22-year-old man when he ran a stop sign and hit a Jeep. The driver of the Jeep also died in the accident. He has not been identified yet. The driver of the Buick was hospitalized due to injuries sustained in the accident. /ps--as an update to this post, the victim in the Jeep is reported to be Chris Abrahamson of Milpitas.  His daughter's sources of recovery may include uninsured motorist coverage and the insurance for the at fault vehicle.  Further, the sufficiency of the stop sign at least deserves a look.--john

June 6 accident involving three big rigs on Highway 99 results in death

On July 6 a man was killed in and accident between three big rigs on  near Turlock on Highway 99 in Stanislaus County.  According to reports, the first big rig driver, Marcus Task, had stopped on the shoulder of the road. Task was attempting to reenter the roadway when the second big rig driver, Jaime Henriquez, saw Task’s truck and slowed to let him in. unfortunately, the third big rig driver did not see that Henriquez had slowed down. He then subsequently hit the back of Henriquez’s trailer. This caused the third cab to crush about 15 feet inward and erupt into flames. The flames then spread to the trailer of Henriquez’s truck. The third big rig driver was killed in the accident. His name has not been released until he can be identified via dental records.

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