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Water truck Highway 41 accident claims a victim

May 11, 2010–This morning at 7:45 am a crash between a water truck and a car resulted in the death of one driver.  The accident happened on Highway 41 in Kings County near Lemoore, just north of Lacey Blvd.

Highway 41 has several dangerous crossings including a wide median at the Floral Avenue intersection with no stop sign in the median which resulted in the death of a 9 year old last year.  Highway 41 just south of Highway 198 was the scene of the death of a Kingsburg Hospital administrator, also last year.  Both cases are being investigated by the law firm of Nelson and Rozier in Visalia.  Cal Trans design defects allegedly contributed to the first accident mentioned.

This particular accident requires further investigation including a download of the air bag event data recorders to determine speed for the 5 seconds pre-accident, crush analysis of each vehicle before they are repaired, and skid analysis.  Also, data as to prior collisions at this same location can be accessed to see if a pattern of harm has resulted.  Please call tomorrow morning to get started.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159 located in Visalia, just 20 miles from the scene of this accident.  /