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May 7 wrongful death accident on I-5 near Huron

On May 7 a woman was killed in an accident on I-5 near Huron. Reportedly Mary Dagle was traveling northbound on I-5 when she attempted to change lanes and entered the path of Victoria Alexander’s vehicle. Alexander swerved to the shoulder of the road to avoid Dagle’s car and then lost control of her vehicle and hit the back of Dagle’s car. Dagle then swerved into the median and across into the path of a Fremont woman’s vehicle. Dagle’s vehicle and the Fremont woman’s vehicle crashed causing the Fremont woman to be thrown from the vehicle. She died at the scene of the accident. Dagle’s vehicle overturned and hit an embankment, babrbed-wire fence, and road sign. Dagle and Alexander both suffered minor injuries.