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Kettleman City car crash death

May 2, 2010–Sunday morning’s wreck in Kettleman City in Kings County took one life and seriously injured another.  Hector Hernandez was turning from Highway 41 onto Milham Avenue when he struck the southbound vehicle driven by the Perez family–one of their rear passengers was killed.  Mr. Hernandez himself sustained serious injuries in the accident.

Issues to be investigated include the speed of each vehicle as determined by the black box air bag modules, whether either driver was on the job, the accident history for this location and whether drugs or alcohol may have played a part in this accident.  Thus far there are no indications of such.

If the Perez family would like our firm to investigate this further, then please call right away before the cars are repaired or destroyed.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-1059.  We are located in Visalia, just an hour or so from where this accident happened. /