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I-5 accident near Stockdale Highway–May 6

May 28, 2010–As an update to the double fatality accident in Kern County on May 6, 2010, we do not know whether the accident report has been completed.  Please place a comment to let us know.  Naomi Mak Johnson of Cotati, California was driving a Honda Pilot which reportedly lost control and veered into a truck.  We have a Honda Pilot and the later models are built with stability control to prevent rolling.  It would be important to determine whether she was side-swiped first by another vehicle.  Sometimes it is too easy to blame the deceased driver as the other drivers cannot be contradicted.  A full investigation will reveal each vehicle speed, including a download of the event data recorders, drug and alcohol testing, paint transfer analysis, etc.

The other victim was Ryan Daniel Bates of Vista.  Paul Rober Bond of Apache Junction, AZ, age 56, was in the first truck hit.  Oscar Gonzalez of Oregon was coming the other direction and was struck head-on.  We do not know whether either of them may share responsibility for this crash.

If the family of either victim, Naomi Mak or Ryan Bates, would like us to investigate this further, then we would be happy to get started upon receiving the proper signatures to permit us to gain access to records, etc.  If there is no case we will simply write off our time and expenses.  If there is a case to be made then we will only charge a fee on a contingency at the end of the case.  Please call when you are ready.  We can mail some forms.  John Rozier 559-713-1059 (work) or 559-627-5242 (home).  You will rest better knowing the true facts.