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April 2 I-5 accident near Coalinga

On April 5 five people were injured in an accident on I-5 near Coalinga. Reportedly Brian Retz was driving northbound on I-5 when a sedan suddenly changed lanes in front of him. He braked and swerved right to avoid the sedan. Then he swerved left into the median and the Suburban he was driving overturned. Four people were thrown from the vehicle. The driver of the sedan fled the scene of the accident. All four of the passengers, Matthew Smithson, Sarah Novak, Jenny Novak, and Hunter Retz were minors. All four were taken to Community Regional Medical Center with major injuries.

The scene of this accident is about 30 miles from our law offices.  Before the cars are repaired or destroyed much can be done to investigate this further including downloads of the event data recorders from each airbag to determine speeds for each second pre- accident going back at least five seconds and impact damage analysis.  Please give us a call to get started.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159.  /